Forever Server Renew Available worldwide

Forever iks Server Renewal Available worldwide

Forever iks Server Renewal Available worldwide

Forever iks Server Renewal Available worldwide

Forever iks Server Renewal Available worldwide

About Forever iks Server :

Forever server is one of the most important servers today in the sharing field and a majority saying that it’s the best and strongest currently, however, there is no measurement for the sales volume of sharing devices but most of the server subscribers owning devices with forever server especially after allowing access to the most important international and Arabic packages with full stability.

Forever server is not targeting the middle east and north Africa only but also available worldwide and concentrating on all satellites around the earth from Australia to brazil. it allows access to Sky Asian, Latin ESPN



information about renewals :

1- Your device must be supporting G-share server from the origin ( if your device upon purchasing was not including or containing G-share then you can’t subscribe in the service anymore )

2 – Every device has its own serial number located inside the device settings you’ve to send it for satellite store customer service via Whatsapp.

3- You’ve to mention down from which country you’re contacting us for knowing the suitable way of payment according to your country.

We are dealing with all countries around the world and we have different payment methods available for all countries besides allowing dealing with many types of currency.

– Available dealing with international currencies ( US dollar-euro – sterling pound )

– Available also dealing with Arabian local currencies in most of the countries will be clarified upon contacting us via Whatsapp.


Payment Methods available :


Western Union

Bank Transfer


PSN Card ( USA – UAE .) – Mastercard & Visa


Payment will be Available very soon :



Fawry Service




Now you can communicate with satellite store customer care through Whatsapp. by English or Arabic language.

Trust has a slogan ( Store SAT ) more than 7 years in the field and renewals have been done for thousands of Customer around the world.



important :

G Share Server Renewal Available worldwide



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